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The Most Rewarding Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

If you are looking for gaming action of incredible intensity and a massive payout potential, look no further than JackpotCity Casino! Our casino is where you will find the most lucrative progressive jackpot slots available online.

Our collection of games are powered by Microgaming - they offer top class entertainment and state of the art gameplay, so you can expect graphic-rich thrills, and exciting bonus features. What sets progressive slots apart however, is exactly the reason why you will want to play them.

Jackpots Will Grow Before Your Eyes

There is no mistaking the fact that our progressive slots, like all our slot games, offer a rollicking good time. However, what our standard video and classic reels do not offer are jackpots that just keep getting bigger while you watch in amazement.

It’s true! A counter above the reels keeps track of the prize money’s growth in real-time. This will stop happening only when the jackpot is paid out, but don’t worry – it then starts all over again.

Take a Closer Look

When these games launch for the very first time, they do so with a seed jackpot amount. In the same way that seeds sown in the soil grow in the right conditions, so do the jackpots.

What makes the jackpots of the progressive slots at JackpotCity Casino grow is a percentage of every bet you and other players place on them. Their popularity means that there seldom is a moment when you will not see the counter moving – and that means a jackpot can grow to a massive size in practically no time at all.

When a player’s luck comes through, and they win what may well be a payout that changes their life, the game will re-set to the seed amount. As you can imagine, the suspense of playing the titles in our collection is on another level.

Different Types of Progressive Games

Microgaming powers two different types of progressive jackpot slots. While the basic mechanics are similar, there is a difference, and it helps to be aware of what that is.

The first type includes games with unique jackpots, such as the internationally renowned Mega Moolah. This means that a specific title has a jackpot of its own, and it is fed by bets placed on that game only. The second type includes online slots connected to a network. This means that the different titles on the network offer the same jackpot. Of course, there is no knowing which of those games will be the one that actually pays out, so there’s an added level of anticipation.

In February 2019, Microgaming announced its network had paid out a total of more than €1 billion, making it the biggest network in the gaming industry. Whichever type you choose to play at JackpotCity Casino, you know that there is a chance you really could win big.

Helpful Playing Tips

One of the most important things to remember when playing progressive slots online is that no tip, trick, hint, strategy, or betting system is a sure way to win. Microgaming’s trusted RNG (Random Number Generator) is what determines when the games payout.

What can help you make sure that you really do stand a chance to win is to read the rules before you start spinning the reels. Some games will pay out only if the maximum bet was placed. If you place a smaller bet, you still can enjoy chances to win generous paytable payouts.

Reading the rules also can let you know how the top prize is awarded. Some pay out when five of the relevant symbol land on a payline. Others do so at random. It could happen at any moment during the game. The other progressive slots tips are much the same for spinning other types of reels at JackpotCity Casino. Play responsibly, and you can ensure that you enjoy many hours of happy gaming, as well as the most exciting opportunities to reap the richest rewards.

The Story Behind the Games

The progressive slots story began in the late 19th century, when a garage mechanic and part-time inventor, named Charles Fey, had a big idea. He built a gaming machine that used reels, and held various symbols and shapes.

The first slot machine, nicknamed the Liberty Bell, was released in the early 20th century, and was an instant success. Fast-forward to 1986, when International Game Technology launched its groundbreaking new game, which happened to be the world’s first progressive jackpot machine in Vegas. Players could not get enough of it, and so, when online casinos like JackpotCity became a reality in the mid-90s, Microgaming and other software providers were presented with boundless opportunities to launch progressive slots of their own.

Experience the power, the thrills, and the winning chances of playing the very best progressive jackpot slots at our casino on computer or mobile. You could be the next big winner!