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Excellent Online Blackjack Action

Created more than 300 years ago, the card game also known as 21 has been popular ever since. Discover the suspense of trying to beat the dealer when you play online Blackjack at JackpotCity.

Blackjack offers you everything you could want from a card game. The rules and gameplay are easy enough for beginners to master, which makes for a super easy and improved chance of a win. Different variations means you’ll always be spoiled for choice, and if you play the right hand, it could result in massive payouts. Enjoy the best Blackjack action with us as you work your way to that winning hand online.

Beat the Dealer to 21

A card comparing game that has stood the test of time, Blackjack wasn’t always known as “Blackjack”. In fact, the games original name was 21, and it’s often still called this.

The name was taken from the rules of the game – 21 is the maximum number of points you need for a winning hand and a hand of 21 is called a “Black Jack”. A Black Jack is made up of an Ace and a 10 value card, either the 10, J, Q or K. It is possible to win with fewer points, although your score will need to be higher than the dealers.

European and American Variations

Players in New Zealand who are learning how to play Blackjack are often pleasantly surprised when they encounter all the different variations of the game. The oldest and simplest of them is the European variant, while one of the most suspense-filled is the American variant.

The European variant deals 2 face-up cards to the player, and 1 face-up card to the dealer, at the start of a round. The dealer’s second card will be dealt at the end, once you have made a move. American online Blackjack deals you 2 face-up cards. The dealer also gets 2 cards, although 1 is face down. Its value usually is revealed at the end of the round, although the dealer may peek to see if they have 21 exactly, before you make a move, offering even greater online gambling NZ thrills.

How to Play Blackjack Games

Learning how to play Blackjack is quick and easy, thanks to its basic gameplay. Follow our advice to get started in next to no time.

Choose a game from among our collection, and then place an opening bet when it has launched. You will receive 2 cards, and the dealer will receive the number of cards appropriate for the variant. Provided you are not eliminated by an early peek, you then can Hit, Stand, Split, or Double. The Blackjack dealer then will reveal their hand, and will make any moves they think is necessary. Discover who won when the hands are compared and claim your payout if you were in luck – it’s really that simple!

Moves You Can Make

When learning the rules of online Blackjack, it is important that you try to memorize how the different moves are played. Apart from saving you time, understanding their finer points also can help you improve your strategy.

Standing is the most basic move - if you Stand, you play the hand you were dealt. Hitting involves picking up another card. Doubling is taking an additional card, after placing a second bet which was the same size as your opening bet. Splitting only can be done when you are dealt 2 similar cards. You can Split them and add a new card to each, to create 2 new hands. This aspect of the game is one of the reasons why it offers such intense action. It is nothing less than a chance to use your head and enjoy a fighting chance of beating the dealer.

Basic Strategy For Beginners

Give yourself a great start by including strategy from the moment you learn how to play Blackjack. Other tips that can help you when you play New Zealand’s best games at JackpotCity are the following:

Play the Best Blackjack

The thrill and suspense offered by Blackjack have seen the game appear in novels, movies, and theatre productions, and even be mentioned in popular songs. Experience the excitement and big rewards it offers at JackpotCity when you play a hand with us.