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Experience the essence of one of the ultimate card games when you form winning hands for spectacular online Video Poker payouts! Play the best of the genre powered by Microgaming at JackpotCity Casino.

Video Poker strips away many of the elements that can be challenging for beginners and for those simply looking for quick, easy gaming with the potential of amazing rewards. You do not need to remember confusing betting orders such as blinds or the flop, turn, or river.

Playing online Video Poker is so simple, you can play with confidence and convenience whenever you feel like it. Discover it for yourself at our casino.

What is Online Video Poker?


Video Poker made its first appearance as disco went up in flames. Originally played on consoles, the game is a simplified form of 3-card or 5-card Poker. There is the deal and the draw, and you can hold or discard cards in between.

1979 was the year the company that went on to become International Game Technology released the Draw Poker, which spawned a Vegas gaming craze that gained momentum throughout the following decade.

The arrival of the 1990s and the dawn of the internet age saw online Video Poker among the very first casino games offered on the worldwide web.

Ever since, graphics, gameplay, bonus features, and payouts have improved in leaps and bounds, and there is definitely more in store. Play the best quality Video Poker available at JackpotCity online!

An Array of Microgaming Online Video Poker Games


Microgaming’s prolific output and unwavering commitment to gaming excellence means you have a stunning range of online Video Poker games from which to choose. Some are as basic as placing a bet before the deal for a hand that gets checked against the pay table.

Others involve one or multiple draws or even multiple hands, while yet others include bonus features such as Wild cards or special payouts for specific hands.

Sign up at our online casino and play Video Pokers such as:

Online Video Poker Basics


Before placing your first online Video Poker bet, make sure that you are happy with the bet level. If you want to place bigger or smaller bets, adjust the settings to your preference.

Place your bet by clicking the Bet button, and click the Deal button to get your cards. In most Video Pokers, you are given the option of discarding cards and drawing new ones to replace them.

Click the cards you want to hold, then click the Draw button to draw new cards. The resulting hand you formed will be checked against the pay table to determine whether or not you are a winner.

Handy Hints for Online Video Poker


Use JackpotCity’s handy hints and tips for improved online Video Poker, and you could soon be playing like a pro! You can implement some of the tips straight away, while others may require a little bit more effort, but it is effort well-spent.

1. Get to know different types of Video Poker. Each game offers a unique take on classic Video Poker action, so try as many as possible to find your favourites.

2. Choose games that offer you what you want. Some days are lazy days, perfect for simple 3-card draw online Video Poker, while other days are days for a good, healthy challenge. Use games’ Return to Player rates as a good guide to not only the frequency or generosity of payouts, but how easy or challenging it is to win those payouts.

3. Learn Video Poker strategies. There are various strategies that can be applied to every one of Microgaming’s online Video Poker games available at JackpotCity. Learn a few of the basic strategies for your favourite games, and make the most of any hand you are dealt!

Discover online Video Poker at it’s ultimate at JackpotCity Casino, and see if you can work your way to a winning hand.