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Play Android Blackjack with JackpotCity

Blackjack is probably the most beloved and most frequently-played casino card game in the world. We knew we couldn’t deny our Android users the chance to enjoy it while on the go, and we haven’t!

The Android Blackjack games that we offer are developed by the renowned Microgaming team, and as soon as you’ve spent some time playing them you’ll see why this developer has won so many awards.

As with all of our Android games, Android Blackjack has been optimised to play on this operating system. You’ll enjoy smooth, immersive entertainment every time, along with the great security, service and bonuses that you have come to know and love us for at JackpotCity.

Different Varieties of Blackjack

One of the best things about Blackjack is how many versions of the game there are. As something that is so popular, it’s not surprising that fans developed their own variations over the years. They’re all subtly different, and true connoisseurs enjoy exploring and appreciating their nuances.

We offer truly superb Android Blackjack games, including Classic Blackjack Gold, Atlantic City Blackjack Gold and Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold. The Gold Series of games by Microgaming is a set of reimagined casino games, that have really stood the test of time. They retain all the great aspects that made them such favourites in the first place, and come loaded with extras that make them premium online casino entertainments.

Classic Blackjack Gaming

Get going with the classic version of the game, and when you’re familiar with that you can try the rest out. The aim of the games is always the same; you need to try and get a hand total of 21, or as close to that as possible.

At the same time, you need to beat the dealer hand and your hand total must not go above 21. To start, you place your bets and are then dealt 2 cards. After you have seen your 2 cards and the dealer hand’s single face-up card, you can decide what to do, with different versions of the game allowing you to make different moves a certain amount of times per round.

Hit or Stand On the Go

The most common moves are to Stand when you are happy with your hand, Double Down and get another card as you double your bet, Hit and simply get another card, or Split. This involves splitting a Pair of same-rank cards into 2 new hands, and getting dealt a new card to each new hand.

The rules on when a dealer hand has to Stand or Hit differ from game to game. Atlantic City Blackjack rules also say that the dealer Peeks for Blackjack, meaning that if the first dealer card is an Ace the second is checked to see if it will create Blackjack. This way, you don’t bet and then lose more money. Players can Split up to 3 times per round, but only once with Aces. Vegas Downtown Blackjack works with very similar rules, but uses 2 decks instead of 8. It all depends how much of a challenge you are in the mood for.

Play Android Blackjack for Free or Real Money

You can play a lot of our casino games for free, without making a deposit, as well as in a real-money mode. The quality and gameplay are exactly the same, and playing like this is a great way to practice. This is always useful, but with something like Blackjack where strategy is so important and takes time to develop, it is especially so.

Take advantage of the free games and the special features that all Microgaming’s Gold Series games offer. These include customisable speed, volume, sound effects and other experiential features, in-game guides and much more. As you practice, you’ll gain in confidence and skill. You will understand more, enjoy yourself more and ultimately win a lot more too.

Give Android Blackjack a go at JackpotCity and find out why this card comparing game is such a huge hit!